A blog was born

“Shoot for the moon and if you fail you will land among the stars”

The idea for this blog had been percolating for a long time like a strong coffee. I had previous experience of blogging over at the fuse open science blog on topics as diverse as part time working, presentation skills, and social media. Although I enjoyed blogging it fell by the wayside around a year ago along with my twitter account (@broniaarnott). It wasn’t a lack of material to talk about, but the opposite – I was so busy doing the things that I wanted to blog and tweet about that I didn’t have time to blog and tweet about them! I was settling into my new post as a Research Methodologist within the NIHR Research Design Service North East (RDS NE), and also in a new role as UK Society for Behavioural Medicine Fellow. Digital engagement became just another item on my ever increasing to do list and I went into cyber-nation (it’s like hibernation but applies only to the internet!).

Taking on responsibility for representing the RDS NE in the national RDS comms group reignited my enthusiasm for digital media. I started to look for examples of good practice and remembered that I had a contact on twitter, Claire Rosten, who was a Research Methodologist with RDS SE and I was delighted to have found that she had started a blog Musings of a methodologist. The blog detailed day to day life as a Research Methodologist within the RDS SE. I thought that when I got a chance I would email Claire and ask if I could write some guest blog posts.

Within the space of a week my idea was transformed however. I attended the recent Complex Interventions conference in Exeter which I tweeted about extensively on the #exetercompex hashtag and this reminded me about my love of twitter. The following week I attended the national NIHR Communicators day in London and John Etheridge, the RDS Business Manager and chair of the Digital Engagement group showed a video clip about a ‘moon shot’ – no this was not about the last John Lewis Christmas advert – but rather about how incremental changes are useful but what is groundbreaking are those who shoot for the moon. He prompted us to think about what our moon shot would be. I knew then that I could make incremental changes to digital engagement through contributing to an existing blog, or take a moon shot and start my own with likeminded colleagues. And so, like a star, this blog was born.

So welcome to the Methodology Matters blog. I will be blogging about all things methodology, research, and funding related and will be joined by guest bloggers from the RDS NE and beyond. Keep up to date with the Methodology Matters blog; because methodology matters.


Photo credit: Joseph De Palma creative commons license via http://compfight.com/




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