A SEMin_R in Cambridge

I was recently lucky enough to attend the University of Cambridge’s Psychometric Centre workshop on Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) in (the statistical package) R (hence a SEMinR) to find out more about SEM and how it can be used to validate psychometric scales. SEM is a statistical technique that combines factor analysis and path analysis. […]

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Improving the efficiency of clinical trials with adaptive designs

  Clinical trials have been very successful in evaluating the effectiveness of new treatments. However, over recent years the cost of trials has been steadily increasing, putting pressure on limited healthcare and research resources. There is therefore a great need for novel approaches to improve the efficiency of clinical trials, avoiding research waste and reducing […]

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Developing and evaluating health interventions: Does one size fit all?

What clinicians and patients want to know is not always what the existing evidence-base is equipped to say. The randomised controlled trial (RCT) is commonly regarded as the ‘gold standard’ for evaluating health interventions and findings from an RCT are used to select which interventions and treatments to implement in clinical practice. However, this is […]

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